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Spirit of TAVA Mural at the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort

Presented by Manuel & Natalia Pulido with SRAM and Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort in 2022

It is our pleasure to present the "Spirit of TAVA" mural to the patrons of the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort. This large mural is the crown jewel of the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort. After 10 years of dreams the SRAM company sponsored the structural renovation of the wall. Pigment came from various sacred sites and sacred waters came from Manitou Springs. The mural has been blessed by two host Ute Nation Chiefs.

The meaning of the mural is the balance of the masculine & the feminine. TAVA is the sacred name for Pikes Peak. It refers to an aspect of the mountain which has endured for thousands of years. TAVA came to be understood as the sun mountain because it combined both the masculine and feminine energies.

The special Bison in the image are meaningful as well. As a storm approaches, Bison do not run away in the grip of fear. They turn toward the storm, lowering their heads to receive a blessing. White Bison are seen as a conduit to our creator.

The Nahuatl people of Mexico are an indigenous group who were named the Aztecs by Spanish Colonial forces. Nahuatl tradition states that they came forth from TAVA. There is a centuries old tradition of spiritual pilgrimages amongst the Nahuatl people. The Ute are their ancestors and the journey to TAVA is a journey home.

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