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Maps & Club Rides

Below is a listing of our club rides, favorite trails, and maps to help guide you on your own adventure.

Maps & Directions

There are miles of fun around The Lodge. Here are some of the closest trails with maps and directions. We also have some suggestions for other nearby parks and trails.

Red Rock Canyon Trail

Red rocks serves as a great place for Hikers/Bikers of all levels. The best way to get to Red Rocks from the Lodge on a bike can be viewed here

DIRECTIONS: Head South down Columbia, Turn Left onto West Colorado Ave, Turn Right at the light onto the sidewalk on Ridge Road,Continue down the Midland Trail, At the next traffic light cross over Highway 24 and continue onto 31st street and the parking lot will be located on the right side. 

Downloadable PDF Map.

Garden of the Gods

A lot of people do not understand the scope and size of Garden of the Gods. People often think it is a massive, wild park, but in reality it is very developed and made suitable for a wide range of visitors. With the Lodge being next door to the south of Garden of the Gods, it is recommend to simply drive through the park first and see the park in its entirety. Along the way you can notice the many parking lots and well marked hiking trails along the road to explore. Oftentimes you can drive through the whole park and be back at the lodge in 20 minutes or so since the entire drive is less than 8 miles round trip.


There is no biking on the trails inside the Garden of the Gods park. The only riding permitted within the park is along the beautifully well-maintained road that includes a bike lane around the entire park. The road is rather hilly and a challenge to most and is not recommended for novice riders.

Here is a "full" Garden of the Gods Loop Guide from the Lodge. It includes all the attractions entering through "Balanced Rock" at the start continuing through Juniper way loop, stopping at the "Ridge Road Overlook" and continuing around the park and out through Balanced Rock. Again, this ride is not recommended for novice riders without an E-Bike. This map is a great resource for anyone driving as well! 


Two other entrances into Garden of the Gods include:

  1. A great hiking guide option for those traveling by foot.
    DIRECTIONS: Continue up Columbia about 1/2 mile to the roundabout and enter into the trails from there.

  2. Option great for walking, driving, or biking
    DIRECTIONS: El Paso West to the second stop sign and turn right onto Beckers and that will take you to the Trading Post and within close proximity to more trails inside the garden. From the lodge to the Trading Post is .8 miles.

Manitou Springs

The bikes we provide out front of the Watering Hole are perfect for transportation to and from Manitou Springs and Old Colorado City. Parking in these two areas usually require payment and can be very difficult to find, but with our bikes you can skip all of that.

Be sure to check out the eight different mineral springs for which Manitou is named for.

Bike to the congested location where the free Shuttle picks you up for the Incline or just to go out to eat and not worry about driving.


A recommended route to get to Manitou Springs on bike from the Lodge. We are about 2 miles from the heart of Manitou Springs. It is recommended that novice guests using the Buffalo Lodge bikes to travel ride on El Paso all the way down to Memorial Park and turn right at the Police station to enter Manitou Springs. Of course, if you don't mind walking, this is a good route too.

Old Colorado City "OCC"

A recommended route to get to Old Colorado City.

DIRECTIONS: Head East down West Pikes Peak Ave and turn right on 27th street, Continue one block and arrive at Colorado Ave. The Lodge is about 1.5 Miles from the heart of OCC.

AllTrails Website & App

Arguably the best "Trail Website" and phone app for our area. AllTrails has information on trails all over the country and hundreds within The Springs. A free account is available with limited features. They have a paid membership to get downloadable or printable maps, find trails near you, and other helpful features. 

Notable parks and popular trails nearby on AllTrails include:

Westside Bicycle Map.png

Colorado Springs City Maps

The city of Colorado Springs provides an interactive bike map and printable pdf maps to help you navigate through urban areas with ease. Keep in mind bicycles are legally vehicles on Colorado roadways, so check out this Bicycling Manual from the Colorado Department of Transportation before your ride for tips on how to bike safely and share the roads.

club rides

Club Rides

We love supporting our local cycling clubs, and joining group rides can be a great way to see Colorado while connecting with new people. Here are are a few of our favorite club rides.

Millions of runners and cyclists use Strava to find local communities, record their activities and compare performance over time. Join our Buffalo Lodge Bike Tribe on Strava to connect with our club members and keep track of rides.

COS Racing’s charter is to support bike racing and upcoming racers in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and elsewhere.

Southern Colorado Velo promotes the sport of cycling and love of the great outdoors.

The mission of USA Cycling is to develop the sport of cycling in the United States at all levels and to achieve sustained international racing success while fostering a shared commitment to safety, integrity, and the joy of cycling.

WMBA builds up and empowers the women of Colorado Springs through group mountain bike rides. Their vision is for every member to gain confidence both on and off her bike.

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