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Cyclists We Follow

The greats in the industry. If you are a fan of cycling, you should be checking these folks out regularly. Of course, you should follow us too. Links are in the upper left of navigation menu.

Adventure Audio Podcast

The Adventure Audio Podcast is a podcast about cycling, outdoor adventures, endurance sport and life, hosted by Peter Hockenhull and Laval St. Germain

Jörg Richter

A former firefighter from Munich Germany who we met when he stopped by the Buffalo on his cross country journey to fundraise for kids battling rare diseases. See his website Care-for-Rare Foundation.

SUPA (Stand Up Pedal Action) with Josh Klute

"A Podcast About Mountain Biking"

Wander Women Kristy & Anette

Full time RVers, backpackers, cyclists, kayakers… walking, rolling and paddling around the US and beyond. Buffalo Lodge owner Torie met the couple over a decade ago teaching their 5:15am YMCA spin class. They have over 114,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel with nearly 2 million views. Kristy and Annette are set to ride with our Buffalo Lodge Bike Tribe for the 50th Anniversary of RAGBRAI ride across Iowa in July. Follow their adventures on YouTube.

Dave Cornthwaite

Originator of the Say Yes More movement & owner of Big Sky Hideaway. We met Dave when he stayed at the Buffalo Lodge during a 1,000+ mile trek on a recumbent bike, his 15th of a planned 25 non-motorized adventures. We became fast friends and Dave wore our jersey as he crossed his finish line. He’s since returned for a visit with wife Em. Follow his adventures on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Ride with Dan USA

"I am Daniel Hurd, often known as Lt. Dan of Ride With Dan USA and the One Pedal At A Time Movement (OPAAT Movement). Realizing living in the moment was the key for me in my life, which has led me to this journey. On March 5th 2018 from Massachusetts I started on an EPIC Journey of the Lower 48 States.
Now with nearly 3 years since leaving the securities of home for the road and now with nearly 18,000 miles recorded, 44 States bicycled and over 80 Suicide Interventions conducted. Be sure to see my progress in the MAPS section of my site, and join me on this EPIC adventure through social media, and you're always welcome to join me for a ride. "

The Cycling CEO

"Endurance and Cycle Traveler, Professional Blogger, and eCommerce 'Adventrepreneur'. Join me as I share epic rides, wild stories, health + training, and useful travel + business tips." We met Monica on a stay at the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort and are truly inspired by the bike trips she organizes and her rides follow on Instagram and YouTube.

Gnarly Bs

"Veteran owned/operated bike shop in Colorado Springs breaking down mountain bike trails and teaching people how to shred." Owner Connor Bestwick is one of our favorite locals to follow for mountain biking inspiration. We’ve also featured him on our Pedal the Springs Podcast.

Ryan Van Duzer

Buffalo Lodge Bike Tribe Recommended - "I'm always on the hunt for exciting new experiences and ways to make this world a better place. The main goal with my content is to inspire viewers to get off their couches. My adventures include bike touring, mountain biking, trail running, racing ultras, trekking, Burningman, exploring Latin America, and traveling to every corner of the world . I live in Boulder, Colorado."

The Vegan Cyclist

"Just an average man doing above average things. I'm a family man who rides bikes and tells stories. But listen, don’t let the whole vegan thing get in the way. I don't preach it, I never force it, it's just a part of my life." #RideALLTheBikes

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